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Certified Training Professional (CTP) is an international qualification in training which was developed by the ECDL Foundation and is licensed in Ireland by ICS SKILLS. CTP defines an objective standard for instructor led training and provides a mechanism for trainers to have their competence recognised and certified.

FAS has officially recognised the CTP qualification as a basis for inclusion in the FAS/EI Register of Trainers.

This 3 day certification course is designed for trainers with experience. Following the 3 days, a portfolio of evidence is prepared and together with a training video, are assessed by the CTP Tutor in the first instance, and is subject to a second review by the CTP Internal Verifier. A third level of assessment is provided by the CTP External Verifier who reviews a random selection of certification applications, to ensure that the correct procedures have been followed and that the judgement of the CTP Tutor and Internal Verifier is fair.


Benefits of the CTP for trainers.

●  Gives trainers an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their skills and knowledge.
●  Certifies best practice among IT trainers.
●  Public and professional recognition of your competence.
●  Certificate and logo can be used to promote the quality of training.
●  CTP qualification will enhance career prospects of IT trainers.

Benefits of the CTP for training organisations.

●  Opportunity to evaluate and benchmark trainers competence.
●  Standardise trainer evaluation throughout the organisation.
●  Staff motivation and professional esteem for certified trainers.
●  Objective target for trainers professional development.
●  Improved standard of individual training performance.
●  Improved standard of organisational / departmental  effectiveness.
●  Ability to differentiate the organisation on basis of objective quality standards.

Course participant numbers can be as few as 4 people but never more than 10.