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No matter how good we think we are at communicating the reality is that very few of us communicate as much or as efficiently as we think we do.

This one day course gives a strong foundation in many aspects of communicating within a business environment. This is a highly interactive course where participants are requested to take part in exercises and role-plays in order to enhance their understanding of the communication process.


The course will cover the following areas:

What is Communication?

●  Learn how to improve your listening skills.
●  Understand why we don't listen enough.
●  Brush up on your grammar and the correct way of using punctuation.
●  Understand why bad language is inappropriate in the work environment.
●  Answer and make telephone calls which show your professionalism.
●  Learn the rules of communicating by email.
●  Learn how to organise and participate effectively in a meeting.
●  Know how non-verbal communication affects our understanding of a message.
●  Practice communication within a structured group.
●  Learn how to gain consensus.
●  Gain confidence in communicating a message to a group of co-workers.

Communication In Business