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Standards In Computer Skills


E.C.D.L. is the European Computer Driving Licence. This is an internationally recognised qualification in PC use. The E.C.D.L. course covers seven modules and includes practical tests in each module. When all tests have been successfully completed the participant is awarded their qualification. This course gives participants a solid grounding and knowledge in the following areas:

●  Module 1 - Basic Concepts Of Information Technology
●  Module 2 - Using A Computer And Managing Files
●  Module 3 - Word Processing 
●  Module 4 - Spreadsheets
●  Module 5 - Databases
●  Module 6 - Presentation
●  Module 7 - Information And Communication

There are many E.C.D.L. centres around Ireland, Europe and the world which offer tuition and examination in ECDL there are very few who have the proven track record of Direct Training Ireland.
As part of the D.T.I. Mobile Training Centre we can offer E.C.D.L. training and testing in your own premises.

While many trainers in other companies are certified as test centre staff there is no guarantee that they are competent or qualified trainers. Direct Training Ireland only uses Certified Training Professionals (CTP) to offer ECDL Courses. The CTP qualification is the highest recognised standard of tuition in ECDL. Those awarded this certification by the ECDL Foundation have proven their ability to organise and deliver training to the highest professional standards.

If your company is considering offering ECDL to its employees you can have a test centre established in your own premises with the help of the experts at Direct Training Ireland. Direct Training Ireland has a reputation for excellence in the set-up and administration of test centres in Ireland.

Advanced ECDL

Those learners who have completed the appropriate Core level module can continue to Advanced level in that module. We offer training and testing in all Advanced ECDL modules.

●  Advanced Module 3 - Word Processing
●  Advanced Module 4 - Spreadsheets
●  Advanced Module 5 - Databases
●  Advanced Module 6 - Presentation

Those who complete all 4 Advanced Level modules will be awarded the coveted ECDL Expert Certification.

E.C.D.L. Syllabus 5.0 & Advanced Level