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Direct Training Ireland can set up a training centre on the clients premises in any suitable room - all we need are tables and chairs. This ensures that courses can be held on-site for most clients. This reduces costs for the client and ensures that key personnel are kept on-site.

Each learner is provided with a laptop with attached keyboard and optic mouse. All laptops are networked wirelessly with the tutors laptop and with printing and internet broadband* facilities.

The tutor works from a laptop which has a data-projector connected. All the facilities which a client would expect from a modern computer training centre are available from D.T.I.

While many clients have the use of a computer training room in their organisation many others have to struggle to find the facilities and resources for a computer training course. Direct Training Ireland provides these resources at no extra charge to the client.

The client also has the option of attending any course in an off-site location close to their organisation. This has several advantages to most clients and also gives the participants the opportunity to attend a course away from the office.

Direct Training Ireland will set up the training centre either in the clients premises or in a local hotel meeting room. Course in off-site locations come with refreshments and lunches where required.

*where an existing broadband connection exists


●  Individual laptops
●  Full sized keyboards
●  Optic mouse
●  Data projector
●  Screen
●  White Board
●  Wireless Networking
●  Wireless Printing
●  Wireless Broadband*