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Building Better Teams

This is a highly interactive workshop for team leaders and supervisors designed to build on new or existing teams and to give a fresh outlook on the concepts and practices of team building.

Participants will take part in discussions and practical exercises which will enhance their understanding of the concepts within team building. The course will cover the basics of team building and will prepare participants for implementing these concepts in an efficient and effective manner within their own business.

Each participant will be expected to contribute fully in a constructive manner to all discussions and exercises, thus bringing their own experience within teams to the group and assisting others to see the diversity of views and approaches. All participants will receive plenty of individual coaching during the course.

The following is a brief outline of the course content:


Types Of Teams.
●  Understand the types of teams.
●  The benefits of a team.

Leadership in a team.
●  Develop leadership skills.
●  Understand the role of the leader

Stages Of Team Building.
●  Appreciating the process of team building.

Roles In A Team.
●  Defining and understanding roles in teams.

Rules Of Behaviour.
●  Acceptable behaviour.
●  Developing tools for behavioural needs.

Fear & Conflict.
●  Understand fear and apprehension.
●  Dealing effectively with conflict within the team.

Team Meetings.
●  Processes & Strategies for team meetings.
●  Measuring the effectiveness of meetings.

Team Problem Solving.
●  Tools for reaching decisions & solving problems.

Setting Team Goals.
●  Defining SMART goals for your team.

Evaluating Success.
●  Rewarding success.
●  Redefining goals in light of success.


Team Building