About Direct Training Ireland

When you require Excellence Through Service & Learning Direct Training Ireland offers you the edge.

Direct Training Ireland specialises in training individuals and groups to the highest standards using the most efficient and up to date methods. Training is not an expense, it is an investment in your future. It is the difference between those who would like to have real skills and those who actually have them.

In business and in personal development training is one of the key factors which gives you that competitive advantage.


Mission Statement

At Direct Training Ireland we believe that training should be offered in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere. We strive to ensure that the customers needs are fully met. Direct Training Ireland is dedicated to achieving excellence through service and learning. 

Our tutors are full-time Learning Professionals. Direct Training Ireland guarantees professional expertise in all our courses, from tutors who have the knowledge of business and industry, as well as years of teaching experience.

Return On Investment

All too often companies look at training as a one-off event and an expense which has to be borne!  At DTI we believe that the best way to see a proper return on investment (ROI) is to realise that Learning is more important than Training!  During our courses participants will not only learn how to preform specific tasks, they will learn how to "Continue Learning" for themselves.  Learning is a lifelong process and all too often we think of training as moments in time which somehow exist independently of our ongoing lives, both professional and personal.  Therefore at DTI we focus more on the "why" than the "how", we strive to awaken the desire to learn more so that our events become the catalyst which helps deliver ongoing returns.

Certified Training Professional

Direct Training Ireland only uses recognised CTP tutors.  This ensures the highest quality of training preparation and delivery.

Certified Training Centre

Direct Training Ireland is a Certified Training Centre. (C.T.C.).   The Irish Computer Society – (ICS Skills) recognises and certifies top quality training and test centres on the basis of specific criteria of training excellence.

The key to excellence in training delivery is the expertise of the trainer, and the CTP programme guarantees that the holder of this qualification has demonstrated a high level of competence in the planning, delivery and evaluation of training.

The work of the trainer must also be supported by top class training materials, and a professional training programme ought to follow a schedule appropriate for the needs of the student group. All of these elements of training are considered in the Certified Training Centre scheme.