Custom Spreadsheet Development

Does your company need a professionally developed spreadsheet, but don't have either the staff with the expertise or the time to dedicate to the project?

Direct Training Ireland can work with you to help you achieve your business aims.

We have a history of developing long-lasting, secure and data-validated workbooks for corporate clients throughout Ireland.

We will take a two pronged approach to this project.  Not only will we develop the spreadsheet for you, but we will then train your staff in the process.  It is vitally important that any spreadsheet which is developed is easy to use, secure and fool-proof.  By training a few key members of staff in the workings of every aspect of the project, they can then take ownership and with full knowledge of how it was constructed, they can manage and update it into the future.  This negates the need to retain a developer on an ongoing basis.

Let us help you with spreadsheet modelling.  Contact us on for more information.