Training Approach


Where requested, a pre-course Training Needs Analysis (TNA) will be issued to the learners via email. This will outline all the major elements of the application. Learners will be asked to indicate their current levels of understanding of each item. Learners will also be asked to include any problem areas or any personal objectives they have from the training.



The TNA’s are compiled and analysed against the proposed course outline. Where necessary, the course content can be altered to include requested items or to exclude items which are already satisfactorily covered.



The tutor will arrive at the training venue up to 1 hour in advance of the scheduled start time. He will set up a full computer training room. The training room will include an individual laptop, keyboard and mouse for each participant (up to a maximum of 10 learners). The tutor will supply extension leads incorporating power surge protectors.

Before the learners arrival a data projector will run a continuous short PowerPoint presentation which includes, a slide showing the CV of the trainer, a slide outlining relevant Health & Safety issues, such as break-times, restrooms, emergency procedures, mobile phone deactivation etc.

Learners will be asked to sign the attendance sheet and to complete any client paperwork at the start of the day.

At the start of each course the trainer will distribute a small exercise and ask the participants to try to complete it. This will serve as another method of evaluation the present status of the learners.


Because these are uncertified course there will be no formal evaluation at the end of the course. There will however be continuous evaluation by the tutor. This will be done as part of the training method outlined above. This will help determine the speed at which the training is proceeding and the order in which subjects are covered.


Post Course Support

Learners will access to the course notes and work files by logging in to their learner account on this website.  There they can view and download copies of all course notes and work files.  Direct Training Ireland will also offer unlimited email support to all learners.


The methodology for computer training will employ the IDEAL training method:


  • The tutor will Introduce the particular topic to be covered.
  • The tutor will Demonstrate the steps to complete the item. During this demonstration, the learners are asked not to do the task themselves, but to observe and try to understand the methodology.
  • The tutor will Explain each step and why it is done, and where it fits into the overall scheme.
  • The tutor will then ask the learners to perform this Action or to perform a similar action on another workfile.
  • During this action the tutor will move among the learners to Look, Observe, Offer help or answer any questions.
  • After the learners have successfully performed the task the tutor will recap on the subject by again stating the relevance of the task and then by asking the learners to explain the steps.