Cancellation Policy - Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy 


In line with industry standards, Direct Training Ireland operates a cancellation policy. 

As all training managers and administrators know, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a training event: to ensure that all participants are available; to organise a venue and facilities; to ensure that the trainer designs the course which meets the company’s training objectives.  Direct Training Ireland is fortunate enough to be able to fill most of our schedule many weeks in advance. Therefore, when a client cancels a training event within 2 weeks of the booked date, it is improbably that we can fill that slot at such short notice. This leads to a direct loss to the company.  Thankfully we rarely need to apply a cancellation fee as most of our clients are aware of the effect of a cancellation and immediately offer to pay the cost of the course anyway.

Therefore, to facilitate a smoother running of our booking system, the following cancellation policy will be applied to all bookings:

  • Cancellations received on any date during the week of the planned training will incur a 100% charge for all dates cancelled.
  • Cancellations received on any date during the week prior to the training week will incur a 50% charge for all training dates cancelled.

Cancellations must be provided in writing via email. The date of the receipt of the email shall be the determining factor relating to cancellation charges.

Payment Terms & Conditions

All public courses must be paid for in full before any booking is confirmed.

Corporate bookings will be invoiced on the date of the training event and all corporate invoices will fall due 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Interest will be charged on any and all invoices not cleared within 30 days.  The interest charged will be in accordance with the EU Late Payments Directive (2011/7/EU),