Excel Level 1 - Introduction


This course will cover the basics of Excel, and will prepare all learners to be able to use the most common elements of Excel.

Microsoft Excel is by far the most popular spreadsheet application in use today. Its uses span all sectors within business, industry or academia. At the end of the course participants will have a solid knowledge of how to set-up and manipulate data within Excel. This Core level is important for anyone who wishes to go on to Intermediate and Advanced level at a later time.

Participants on this course should have some familiarity with using a PC, mouse and keyboard. The class is designed for those who have little or no knowledge of Excel or who have only been working on inputting data into a standard Excel spreadsheet.

  • A first look at the Excel Environment.
  • Creating basic formulas using mathematical symbols.
  • Quick sorting in ascending and descending order.
  • Freezing rows and columns.
  • Understanding the difference between Relative and Absolute cell referencing.
  • Entering data into Excel.
  • Manipulating Rows and Columns of data.
  • Creating basic charts from data.
  • Changing data, copying or moving data within a spreadsheet or between spreadsheets.
  • Formatting a spreadsheet, including text formatting, cell formatting, borders, alignment and font.
  • Understanding and using the AutoSUM functions.
  • Retrieving records using autofilter, custom and advanced filters.
  • Multilevel sorting by more than one field.
  • Creating Pie, Column, Line, and Mixed charts.
  • Page layout and preparing data for printing.
  • Saving a spreadsheet in various formats.
  • Understanding the difference between a spreadsheet and a database within Excel.
  • Creating Headers and Footers within Excel.