Excel Level 2 - Intermediate


At the end of this course participants will have a better understanding of how formulas are constructed and will have a thorough knowledge of how to structure a spreadsheet and database within Excel.

This course is specifically for those who already have some experience of Excel and know how to input data and format a spreadsheet. It will specifically be of interest to those who are working on spreadsheets created by others but want to know how to set up and manage their own workbooks. You should already know how to create charts.

Charts, Sheet Layout and Formatting are covered at Level 1 - Introduction.
Items not listed here (including PivotTables and Macros) are not covered on this course and are covered at a higher level.

I thoroughly enjoyed this intermediate level Excel course - it was the best course that I have undertaken and would highly recommend DTI for anyone looking to improve their understanding and general usage of Excel. Thank you Gary!
Linda Byrne (Strand Travel Worldchoice})
  • Understanding the difference between “relative” and “absolute” cell references.
  • Create custom formats for dates and numbers.
  • Use the IF function.
  • Understand and use the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions.
  • Learn how to use the SUMIF(s), COUNTIF(s) and AVERAGEIF(s) functions.
  • Work with Text by using the common Text functions.
  • Import data from other systems and clean it up.
  • Review the basics from Level 1 Excel
  • Average - AverageIF - AverageIFs - Clean - Concat - Concatenate - Count - CountIF - CountIFs - CountA - Countblank - HLookup - IF - Left - Lower - Max - Mid - Min - Now - Proper - Right - Sum - SumIF - SumIFS - Today - Trim - Upper - VLookUp
  • Conditional Formatting