Effective Presentation Skills


This course is ideal for anyone who regularly needs to make presentations to either individuals or groups of people. There are no pre-requisites for attending this training, other than a willingness to participate fully in the discussions and activities. Each participant is required to prepare a 5 minute presentation on ANY subject in advance of the course. They should use visual aids or PowerPoint presentations to assist them. This MUST be your own work (not a corporate prepared presentation) and be brought with you for the start of the course. For Tips on preparing your presentation please contact support@dti.ie in advance of the course.

  • Recognising The Key Message In Your Presentation.
  • Establish Objectives for your presentation.
  • Learn the rule of 3’s.
  • Build presentations that create maximum impact.
  • Choose the right visual aids.
  • Tips for room layout and interaction.
  • Recognize and transform problem areas.
  • Handle your audience with confidence.
  • Know how to handle questions.
  • Present the ‘right’ image.
  • Use your words, tone and body language and work with the qualities of your voice.
  • Acknowledge and overcome nerves and use them to enhance your presentation.
  • Use relaxation techniques.