Mastering Presentation Skills Utilising Advanced PowerPoint

Mastering Presentation Skills Utilising Advanced PowerPoint


During this 2 day course participants will harness the power of Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint to assist them to create stunning presentations. They will learn the key points in making a presentation and through practical exercises they will produce and deliver effective presentations.
The course will involve the participants giving a pre-prepared 5 minute presentation during the course. Feedback will be offered to all delegates.

This course is ideal for anyone who regularly needs to make presentations to either individuals or groups of people. There are no pre-requisites for attending this training, other than a willingness to participate fully in the discussions and activities. Each participant is required to prepare a 5 minute presentation on ANY subject in advance of the course. They should use visual aids or PowerPoint presentations to assist them. This MUST be your own work (not a corporate prepared presentation) and be brought with you for the start of the course.

The course content will include the items listed below.

• Understand “Why” you are giving a presentation and what you hope to achieve from it.
• Recognising The Key Message In Your Presentation.
• Build presentations that create maximum impact.
• Use PowerPoint to create master slides and to project the right image for your audience.
• Create interactive presentations with the correct use of Hyperlinks, Animation, Video and Audio.
• Recognize and transform problem areas in your own delivery.
• Grow in confidence and interact with your audience.
• Use your words tone and body language and work with the qualities of your voice.
• Acknowledge and overcome nerves and use them to enhance your presentation.