Time Management


This course is designed for professionals who constantly find themselves battling with issues related to time management. For example: meeting deadlines, trying to prioritise workload, spending time searching for document and emails, constantly working late and feeling stressed.
This course will benefit both you and your organisation, as your ability to manage time, set and achieve goals will enhance both personal and organisational productivity. Being able to plan ahead, prioritise tasks and manage resources effectively are all key elements of this course that will help you to win time back.

This is a highly interactive course which combines facilitator presentation with hands-on exercises and group discussions.
There are no pre-requisites for attending this course, other than a willingness to participate in discussions and exercises.

  • Understanding the problems with time.
  • Determining how effective your own time management is.
  • Setting realistic goals for ourselves.
  • Identifying and Analysing where our time is going.
  • Methods for setting priorities and achieving them.
  • Understanding and achieving delegation.
  • Tips for ensuring we get thing done in a timely manner.
  • Understanding and dealing with procrastination.
  • Tracking how your time is used.
  • Learn how to manage interruptions.
  • Put systems in place to manage time more effectively.
  • Learn how to use Calendars and Planners correctly.
  • Top tips for email and outlook.