Time Management & Microsoft Outlook

Time Management & Microsoft Outlook


This course is designed for professionals who constantly find themselves battling with issues related to time management. For example: meeting deadlines, trying to prioritise workload, spending time searching for document and emails, constantly working late and feeling stressed.

This is a Time Management course which also uses SOME attributes of Outlook to assist in better management of our time?

This is a highly interactive course which combines facilitator presentation with hands-on exercises and group discussions.

Participants will be using MS Outlook 2010 during the afternoon. The Outlook tips can apply to any version of Microsoft Outlook.

N.B. This Is NOT a training course in MS Outlook and we will not be covering how to do the basic items such as email and scheduling of meetings etc. We will not be covering Outlook Exchange set-up and administration.

  • The morning of the course will cover the main elements of Time Management. We will spend time looking at how you spend your time in your job and analysing and offering solutions to time management issues.
  • Set realistic goals for ourselves.
  • Gather and Analyse information about where our time is going.
  • Methods for setting priorities and achieving them.
  • Understand and deal with procrastination.
  • Learn how to manage interruptions.
  • The afternoon of the course will concentrate on Microsoft Outlook 2010 and how you can use some of its features to help manage your time.
  • Get a handle on email using folders, rules and filters.
  • Work with contact lists in a smarter way.
  • Manage your schedule using Outlook.
  • Categorise your schedule.
  • Keep your inbox clean.