Microsoft Office Foundation


This one day course is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in three of the main applications within Microsoft Office. Excel, Word and PowerPoint are used extensively in most business environments and while each application can take several days to cover individually, in this course we will concentrate on the core elements of each programme so that users understand and practice the fundamentals in a productive and relevant manner.

This course is designed for users who have little or no experience of Microsoft Office and need a broad understanding of the capabilities of each application. This course would be a precursor to attending Intermediate level and then Advanced level courses in each application.

  • Participants will be able to open and navigate an Excel spreadsheet. They will learn how to enter, edit and delete data.
  • Learn how to create basic formulas and use various functions.
  • Format worksheets and present data in a manner which others can understand.
  • Create various types of charts.
  • Gain a basic understanding of sorting, filtering and Pivoting data.
  • Upon completion the participants will have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and be able to prepare, edit, format and print documents.
  • Use best practice to ensure documents look professional.
  • Learn the basics of bullet lists and numbers.
  • Insert pictures or charts into documents.
  • Be able to create a simple PowerPoint presentation.
  • Understand how an audience perceives a presentation and how to avoid “Death by PowerPoint”.
  • Use the correct slide layout with a combination of bullet lists and graphics.
  • Apply built-in themes to a presentation or use an existing template.
  • Learn how to apply basic transitions between slides and how to animate text and objects within a presentation.
  • Set up and run a professional slideshow and know how to print and share the finished presentation.