Storytelling Data Through Graphics


Have you ever struggled to present dense data to an audience? This course is designed to show you how to use graphics and charts to design a story which gets the message across to your target audience, without the use of endless data.

Instead of accepting that data is boring and therefore its presentation will also be boring, learn how to focus the minds of your audience through storytelling and how to ensure that your intended message is clearly displayed and understood.

  • Understand why data communication is different from standard communication.
  • Know the elements of a good data story.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with data.
  • Know your audience and design the story with them in mind.
  • Understand the psychology of how people view graphics.
  • Learn how to create a story narrative arc.
  • Understand the ethical considerations around graphical presentation of data.
  • Learn the key storytelling tips.
  • Choose the right chart/graph for the right data.
  • Learn to properly use Colour in charts.
  • Learn how to present text and graphics effectively.